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It seems as if weddings are the single trickiest parcel of etiquette territory to navigate, but luckily for you, I’m here again this week with your good manners guide. I had so many questions come in pertaining to wedding gifts, I thought it would be a good idea to tackle the subject again this week. […]

Ask Molly: Wedding Gift Etiquette, Part 2

June 17, 2019


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The concept of having (or wearing) something old, and something new on your wedding day to bring you luck, is one of the many widely-held bridal traditions. You’ve probably heard the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” expression a million times, but what exactly does this custom entail and how can you tie […]

Something Old, Something New Ideas to Incorporate Into Your Wedding

June 10, 2019


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There are traditions involved in throwing a bridal shower, and one of them is that the event is held during day, often at lunchtime. That’s how it’s been for decades so why change that custom now? Actually, why not change it now? If the hosts (most likely the mother of the bride or the bridesmaids) think […]

Can you have a bridal shower at night?

June 4, 2019


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Hummus, a dip/spread traditional in many Middle Eastern countries, is usually made with chickpeas (garbanzo beans), but I like to use white beans for a change of pace. Not only that, it’s very simple to “dress up”. Today I will show you how to add spicy roasted peppers and olive tapenade to the dip, to […]

Hummus Two Different Ways

May 29, 2019


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Kick off your celebration with a pre-wedding party that guests won’t just enjoy, but appreciate. Your rehearsal dinner shouldn’t compete with the actual wedding but it should complement the main event. Treat the celebration as a pre-party, where guests leave craving more – and lucky for them, you’re going to deliver the next day. Delicious […]

How to Plan a Rehearsal Dinner

April 29, 2019


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On March 2, 2019 our closest friends and family gathered at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World® Resort for a magical evening. After seven months of organizing and having this picturesque vision in our minds, we were able to see the magic unfold, and our vision come to life. I always envisioned […]

Our Magical Day

April 24, 2019


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Nothing will get your Easter party hopping quite like a charming centerpiece and springy table decor. Now if only the Easter bunny took care of setting the table for Easter dinner or brunch, too. Right? This garden inspired tablescape was based around the center floral arrangement, which I showed how to make yesterday on Daytime TV. When setting a tablescape, […]

Easter Table Decor

April 20, 2019

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