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May 2, 2023

S’more Topping Ideas

I am all for a classic s’more. Nothing is better than the crunch of a graham cracker sandwiching melty chocolate and a soft, toasty, browned or blackened (depending on your preference!) marshmallow. Today I am going to show you my favorite twists on the campfire classics. There are two different types of graham crackers, cookies, peanut butter cups, cookies and cream candy bars, and much more. What is your favorite way to top a s’more?

If there is one quintessential dessert that represents all that is right and good with summer, it’s a s’more. Kids, teenagers, adults… everyone loves a good s’more and it’s the perfect end to any summer get-together. It’s so much easier to serve than a cake or cupcakes during a summer gathering and I think people tend to enjoy these more too. Why? Because we typically only enjoy them during the summer months so it really becomes a treat. These are just a few ideas, but get creative! Chocolate and caramel sauce, fresh fruit, pretzels, oreos… I bet would all be delicious options!

Base Suggestions:

Graham crackers

Chocolate graham crackers


Chocolate chip cookies

Snickerdoodle Cookies


Topping Suggestions:

Crunch bars

Reese’s cups

Cookies n’ cream bars

Chocolate with almond bars

Caramel sauce

Chocolate sauce


White chocolate

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