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September 20, 2017

I tried Hestan Cue… and here is what I thought!

Cooking dinner tonight with my new BFF, The Hestan Cue. This is seriously one of the *hottest* gadgets on the market, and my new favorite kitchen accessory. It makes preparing meals a breeze and not to mention, puts a world-class culinary experience at your fingertips. The Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System is a total game-changer, with Bluetooth sensors that communicate with an app to control cook time and temperate.  This Classic Steak Salad and Hazelnut Pesto Bruschetta, turned out perfectly on the device and my family loved it.

Hestan Cue is a smart pan and induction burner with embedded Bluetooth sensors that communicate with an app on your phone to control cook time and temperature, so you can make delicious dishes in a breeze. At first I thought, “no way” does this gadget work… but I’ll admit, I was totally wrong.

Here is how the Hestan Cue works…

  1. Open the app on your phone, and connect the app to your device.
  2. Pick your recipe. They have a bunch of killer recipes to choose from, and don’t be intimidated by picking a complicated one! This device takes out the guesswork, so you can make complicated dishes you’ve never tried before.
  3. Start cooking!
  4. How simple is that?

The steak for my salad was seared perfectly and I loved pairing the steak salad with the Hazelnut Pesto Bruschetta. It’s a light, yet filling meal, using all natural ingredients. A truly fabulous weeknight dish.

If you want to try the Cue for yourself, use code hungryforcue to get $50 off your Hestan Cue purchase at checkout!


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