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September 26, 2013

Succulents — Petite Plants

If you weren’t born with a green thumb but still want to grow plants, try growing succulents. They are great in Florida because they love the heat and require very little water. By following these basic tips anyone can grow these petite plants!
Make sure the soil you are using is well draining. Succulents need very little water (a good soaking once a week) so it is important that the soil can dry out between watering. I recommend using vermiculite and coconut coir as a mix. A local garden center or hardware store will have this or you can use cactus soil.
Succulent plants look best when there are many different varieties in one pot. Plant them far enough apart so that they have space to grow and blossom.  If the leaves on your plant are separated and the plant is growing tall, that means the plant needs more sun light. Put the plants in a place where they will receive direct sunlight most of the day.
It is important to experiment and see what types of succulents grow best for you. These petite plants are fairly simple to care for, and with little effort you can have a beautiful garden in no time! If any of you decide to plant these, send me your photos… I’d love to see them!

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