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May 9, 2017

Spring Lemond Pound Cake with Lemon Curd

Lemon Pound Cake is one of those universally loved treats that’s always welcome at every occasion. However, this delicious recipe makes a pound cake that will be in demand! Densely rich with zesty lemon flavor, it’s not too tart and it’s not too sweet; it’s just right. Topped with a tangy lemon curd and fresh berries it’s the perfect dessert for summer entertaining. Believe it or not this gorgeous cake came from a boxed mix, a fabulous one at that. I partnered with Stonewall Kitchen this spring to share with you one of my go-to spring desserts!

I’m always one to simplify things as much as possible, especially when it comes to entertaining a house full of guests. There is nothing worse to me than being totally stressed out before my friends and family come over… I mean, what fun is that? As much as I love to make dishes that are 100% made from scratch, more often than not, I’m always looking for ways to simplify things. Cake mix sparks a lot of debate it seems! I’m not sure why. It’s fast, convenient, reliable and when you use a high quality mix like the ones from Stonewall Kitchen they can be even better than homemade. Yes, even better. So why not use one?

Over the weekend I baked a gorgeous cake using Stonewall Kitchen’s Lemon Pound Cake Mix. It’s incredibly flavorful, delicious and simple to put together. Top your serving tray with fresh lemon wedges, berries and maybe a few sprigs of mint from your garden. Slice and serve with lemon curd. Dessert never looked so fabulous!

For this recipe and purchasing info: Lemond Pound Cake , Lemond Curd







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