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May 8, 2017

Mother’s Day Cheese Board with Banfi Wine

Treat the special women in your life to a delicious and totally doable cheese board and wine pairing this Mother’s Day. Forget breakfast in bed this weekend and give mom want she really wants, a selection of gourmet cheese, Italian meats, fruit, crackers and Banfi Rosa Regale. This sparkling red wine made from Brachetto d’Acqui in Piedmont, Italy is love at first sip and a perpetual crowd pleaser. This wine has hints of raspberries, strawberries and rose petals and pairs perfectly with everything from fresh cheese to sweet desserts. Creating a memorable cheese board without spending too long in the kitchen is simple and stress-free with these tips.


Tip #1:

Provide a variety of cheese with contrasting flavors and textures to suit different palates. Consider a classic cheese like cheddar or gouda (one almost everyone likes), a creamy cheese like brie, something pungent like blue cheese and something fresh like mozzarella or chèvre. Three to five different types of cheese are plenty for most gatherings.

Tip #2:

Fill out the board with flavors that pair well with cheese. Almonds, clementines, jam, olives, grapes and other fruit as well as charcuterie are all good choices. You may look for profiles that seem to “go together” or play up contrasting flavors. There aren’t strict rules, and use what you have on hand.

Tip #3:

How much cheese you provide may vary by the size of the guest list and the other appetizers provided. One to two ounces of cheese per guest is a good starting point.

Tip #4:

Cheese is best served at room temperature. Remove your platter from the refrigerator 30-60 minutes before the party for best results.

Tip #5:

Presentation matters. Arrange cheeses on a cutting board, stone slab or large platter separated by fruits, nuts, charcuterie or crackers. A feast for the eyes as well as the palate, a well-planned cheese platter can be the perfect centerpiece for holiday gatherings.


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