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November 5, 2017

Simple Bloody Marys

Without booze it’s just breakfast. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, today is Sunday, which means it’s time for brunch. Nothing says brunch quite like a Bloody Mary, and not just any Bloody Mary. Call me a cocktail snob, but store-bought mix simply can’t compete with homemade Bloody Marys. Here, lime juice, fresh horseradish, jalapeños, celery salt and Tabasco give the tomato base tons of flavor. This recipe comes from the chic cocktail book, Cocktail Chameleon. The recipes in this book are perfect for hosts looking to elevate any occasion. Whether you’re trying to cure this morning’s hangover (guilty) or looking for a twist on a popular cocktail, this is your book!


My favorite part about this “hair of the dog” cocktail is that the garnishes can be so elaborate; it’s more like a meal in a glass. Beyond the classic celery stalk and wedge of lime, Bloody Marys have been seen sporting bacon, shrimp, stuffed olives, and virtually anything else that can be speared or skewered! I’ve even seen whole cheeseburgers on them before… but left that off today! A salty and spicy rim can also elevate the drink, not to mention cure that hangover a bit more quickly! (Salt is your friend here people.)

 The book shared these tips:

  • Never shake tomato juice as it becomes foamy and clouds the drink (I did not know this!)
  • The Bloody Mary is a highly personal drink, so add spices and sauces gradually and always taste as you go.

Next weekend I can’t wait to make the ‘Green Mary’. If a cocktail could ever be healthy, it’s this one. It’s full of green vegetables and herbs, and has a gorgeous bright green color to it. Or make the ‘Dog Bite’, or maybe even the ‘Palm Beach’. Let’s put it this way, the book is filled with fabulous cocktails that I can’t wait to try. All 144 of them to be exact. You can find the recipe for this delicious drink here. 

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