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October 7, 2013

Monster Madness Cupcakes

These creepy, yet cute, Monster Madness Cupcakes are perfect for your upcoming Halloween party. With wild hair, big eyes, crooked teeth and brightly colored frosting, kids and adults will love them.
I always love a foolproof recipe. Use your favorite cupcake and frosting recipe to make these creepy cakes. I recommend using vanilla cake and vanilla frosting since you’ll have to add color to the frosting. Plus the candy on top adds a lot of flavor!  Since there isn’t set directions to decorating these, the possibilities are endless. There’s no right or wrong way… so pile on the candy! The more the better in my opinion!
I suggest buying more candy than you think you’ll need… I ate half of it while I was making these! It looked too good to pass up! 
24 of your favorite flavor cupcake (I suggest vanilla or chocolate)
Vanilla butter cream frosting
Blue, green and yellow food dye
Piping bags and various tips
Topping ideas:
Air Heads
Candy corn
Gummy lifesavers
Candy eyes
Swedish Fish

  1. Allow cupcakes to cool completely before you begin to frost. Pipe different colors of frosting on to each cupcake using different tips.
  2. Decorate faces using the suggested candy topping ideas.

Eyes: Use candy eyes (found at craft stores), Skittles, Lifesavers

Nose: Use gumdrops, skittles, Candy Corn,
Teeth: Use marshmallows or candy corn
Tongues: Swedish Fish or Air Heads (Roll them out with a rolling pin and shape them)
Hair: I used Air Heads. Use kitchen scissors to cut the Air Head.

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