April 20, 2015

Lobster Roll Sliders

It’s Patriots Day also known as Marathon Monday, and if you’re from New England you know that this event is one of the most exciting and patriotic days of the year. What better way to celebrate this special day, than a twist on the traditional lobster roll, with Lobster Roll Sliders? Fresh lobster, mayo, thinly sliced green onion, parsley and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice are served on cocktail sized buns. Remember that warm, toasty, buttered rolls are key. So whether you’re watching the marathon in person or at home, enjoy a bite of fresh lobstah’.

A special day requires a special meal, and I like these sliders because they are classic, elegant and portable. Serve with freshly made french fries or potato chips to make this meal even more over the top delicious. It is definitely a recipe that you’ll be adding to your recipe rotation, and will probably want to make time and time again. Boston and lobster go together like peas in a pod, and nothing says Boston more than a lobster roll! We are #BostonStrong.









4 New England lobster tails
2 tablespoons butter
1/4 cup green onion
Small handful of parsley
1/4 cup mayo
Juice from half a lemon
Salt and pepper
6 small rolls
6 Boston bibb lettuce leaves
1. Melt butter and drizzle over uncooked tails. Broil in over for 5-7 minutes, or until lobster shells turn red. Remove from pot and allow to cool.
2. Chop the lobster meat, green onion and the parsley. Place in a bowl. Add lemon juice and mayo. Stir until all ingredients are incorporated. Add salt and pepper to taste.
3. Toast and butter the rolls. Place one leaf of lettuce on each roll. Add desired amount of lobster salad.

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