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August 7, 2018

Let’s Flamingle! Summer Tablescape Idea

This summer, let’s ruffle some feathers and throw a soirée that’ll have everyone squawking for years — pink cocktails, pretty pink candy, and fluffy-winged invitations.

Okay, so here’s a conversation starter: What do you call a group of flamingos? (Drum roll, please.) A flamboyance! And isn’t that just fitting? This party theme takes its cue from those pink-feathered, stilt-legged quirky friends of ours for a similarly flamboyant and fun event.


To get guests in the “flamingling” mood, we set a sunny, tropical space with palm leaves, a flamingo printed tablecloth and bright pink floral napkin rings.

These miniature plastic flamingos totally made the table setting. They are much smaller than your typical yard ornament – but perfect for a center piece.

This tropical theme has always been one of my favorites. Everyone loves it, and the brightly colored linens just say “Let’s flamingle… or party”!


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