September 9, 2014

Indian Summer with KEEL Vodka

The final weekend of summer is approaching and Fall is right around the corner.  With the end of the season near that can only mean a few things: the end of the fabulous white linen pants, one last trip to the shore and those thirst-quenching,  refreshing summer cocktails.  Although I’m looking forward to Fall and all of the mouth-watering pumpkin, cinnamon spice, comforting dishes, I can’t help but be a little disappointed that another summer is nearing an end.

I want to thank the people at KEEL Vodka for inspiring me to bring you a refreshing cocktail to celebrate  those last few summer days on a high note. So after a little trial and error I   found the ideal end of summer beverage to sip on.   A refreshing cocktail on the patio in Nantucket – The Indian Summer with KEEL Vodka – is sure to warm up your weekend.

Spicy apple cider, ginger beer, and a squeeze of a fresh lemon are mixed with KEEL Vodka, for a cocktail that is not only refreshing but full of flavor and a great way to celebrate  a great summer and welcome in the  Fall. KEEL Vodka is incredibly smooth, and not to mention, there are only 58 calories per ounce, and zero carbs. What more could you want in a vodka? This cocktail is wonderful to serve guests, because it is fairly simple to create, and its cinnamon spice flavor and the freshly sliced apple have a lot of impact. Guests will be impressed with this refreshing beverage, and  because this cocktail is so simple to make, you’ll have lots of time to mingle with company and won’t be trapped playing bartender.

If you’re looking to purchase a bottle of KEEL Vodka, check out Epernay Fine Spirits on Nantucket Island or at other fine retailers throughout the North East. Or, visit their website at Stay Balanced, prepsters!








KEEL Vodka

Fresh Apple Cider

Ginger Beer

Lemon Juice



1. Fill a cocktail shaker with one part vodka, apple cider and ginger beer. Shake the cocktail shaker for about 15 seconds, until well combined.

2. Pour into a glass filled with ice. Add a small squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

3. Garnish with thinly sliced apples and a cinnamon stick.


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