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October 1, 2013

Glittered Halloween Witch Hats

It’s never too early to start planning your Halloween table. As we know, your centerpiece can make or break the décor for the event, and is a fairly simple way to dress up any affair. Halloween is no exception to this rule. I like to create a table that isn’t so scary, as I find it hard to eat with bones, rats and fake blood every where. These adorable glitter witch hats are the perfect balance of cute and scary. Paper mache hats are covered in black paint, glitter, ribbon, polka dots, tulle and are adorned with glittered birds and spiders. Add votive candles, glittered pumpkins and festive plates and napkins to complete the look.
Below is a guide to follow to re-create these hats. Pick and choose how you want to decorate your hats and use different ribbons, glitters and Halloween accents.



3 paper mache hats (I purchased mine at Michael’s Craft Store)
Paintbrushes of various sizes
Black paint
Silver glitter paint
Modge Podge
Printed scrapbook paper
Medium sized circle hole punch
Tulle (6″ roll)
Hot glue
Decorative Halloween accents
  1. Paint hats black and allow to dry. Repeat this process until they are one solid color. Once dry paint one coat of silver glitter paint, and allow to dry completely.
  2. Meanwhile take the medium sized circle hole punch and cut circles out of the different color scrap paper. Place on hat and cover the circles with Modge Podge, allow to dry.
  3. This is the fun part! Here I added tulle around the edges of the hat and tied a bow. You can add bows, ribbon, branches, etc. whatever you think will look best. I then attached a decorative Halloween accent in the center of the bow.  

Each hat doesn’t have to be the same, in fact all of mine were different. I think they look better when there is more variety, plus your less likely to notice any mistakes this way too! 

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