November 23, 2015

Fall Harvest Salad

Now that the chilly fall weather is upon us, you’re probably tempted to indulge in creamy casseroles and hearty stews, and I say go for it! This time of year we all need a little comfort and warmth. But on the side, make sure to serve a crunchy, colorful and nutrient-packed salad made with fresh fall produce. This Fall Harvest Salad is a classic, and features fall flavors dressed with a light and tangy mustard-shallot vinaigrette. Refreshing and super healthy, this salad pairs nicely with everything from homemade macaroni and cheese to chicken and dumplings, or you can serve this alone, like I did. It makes a great fall lunch!

A fresh mixture of Spring mix is topped with crisp green apples, bright and juicy red grapes, tangy blue cheese, candied pecans, and grilled chicken. The mustard-shallot vinaigrette is light, tangy and brings out the flavors of the produce beautifully. I love fruit in salads, especially during the autumn season. It helps brighten boring salads and also packs tons of flavor in each bowl. Like I said above, pair with one of falls seasonal casseroles or serve alone – it’s delicious either way.








1 green apple, sliced

1 bunch of red grapes

4 tbs blue cheese

4 tbs candied pecans

8 oz. grilled chicken

6 cups spring mix salad

Mustard-shallot vinaigrette or dressing of choice



1. Place 3 cups of spring mix in each bowl. Top with 1/2 of the green apple, a handful of grapes, 2 tbs blue cheese, 2 tbs, candied pecans and 4 oz. grilled chicken. Dress salad with dressing of choice.

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