August 15, 2014

Cobblestone Snack Mix

The Boston Pops are coming to Nantucket this weekend, which means easy picnic snacks are a must. This picnic treat favorite is named after Nantucket’s famous cobblestone streets.

Cobblestone Snack Mix is pretty addicting, and although I won’t be on Nantucket for Pops weekend this year, it’s always been a family tradition to serve this sweet and salty treat at our annual picnic.

Squishy marshmallows, crunchy cereal, chocolate and buttery popcorn are mixed together for a combination that is out of this world. Fill in homemade cones to add a pop of color and to make this treat extra fun for Pops weekend!

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Cobblestone Snack Mix

2 cups chocolate Chex cereal
2 cups Golden graham cereal
2 cups mini marshmallows
1 cup chocolate chunks (such as Nestle semi sweet chocolate chunks)
3 cups popcorn


1. Mix together all ingredients in large bowl and enjoy!

How to make paper cones:

1. Cut a 12″x12″ colored paper in 1/4, 4 equal squares. Start by holding it up so it looks like a diamond shape and then roll into a cone.  Glue seam with hot glue.  This method makes cone appear larger and gives it a nice back.

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