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August 24, 2018

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

About… let’s say two or three days after Paul proposed to me I started to think about exactly how I wanted my wedding to be. As crazy as this sounds, I was never the girl who planned their wedding in their head or on a Pinterest board before I was engaged. Fun fact about me: I’m very superstitious, and I always thought doing that would jinx it. I always wanted to save the planning until after I was engaged, so I wasn’t planning this big dream wedding without a groom. What if the groom never came into the picture? I wasn’t willing to crush that dream, so I waited. Luckily on June 30, 2019 my creative mind could finally start planning the event of a lifetime.


One thing many of you probably don’t know about me is I’m very quiet. Paul is totally opposite, and I’ve gotten a bit more outgoing over the years, but I’ll probably always be quiet. Now, I don’t think quiet and shy are the same thing and they’re often grouped together. Once I come out of my shell, I’m pretty outgoing but I’ve still always had a close knit group of friends not a giant pack. Besides thinking of colors, details and the dress I thought about my bridesmaids. This was one area that I was definitely sure about.


For this group of girls – I knew I had to ask them in the sweetest way possible, a phone call or text wouldn’t do. I filled these boxes with a few of my favorite items, and items I knew they’d love. The glittered Keds x Kate Spade sneakers were an absolute must. I thought these would be perfect for after the ceremony during the reception. Adding something personalized was important to me so I asked my friend Dunia at Details Matter Studio what would be great to add to the box. She created these amazing personalized tumblers – with glitter writing, of course. Then I included my favorite Clinque lip gloss, and some sweet treats. The polka dotted wrapping paper and pink ribbon tied it all together for the perfect bridesmaid proposal box.

I thought these bridesmaid proposal boxes turned out pretty perfect, and I loved how they were a little unique compared to the traditional proposal. I wanted to create something special for these girls and something that they would remember forever.

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