February 9, 2015

Valentines Day with Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen

Need a last minute V-Day gift for the coffee lover in your life? I created this gift basket for an easy and affordable gift for that special someone. Barnie’s Coffee has delicious seasonal flavors out now, such as German Chocolate Cake and Sweetheart Blend that are perfect to share with your sweetheart. Place the coffee in a basket stuffed with red tissue paper and some chocolate like I did. You know… make it extra sweet!



Small basket

Red tissue paper

Various types of Barnie’s Coffee

Valentines Day Chocolates

Heart Garland (tutorial below)

1/4 inch pink ribbon

Red construction paper



1. Take small basket and fill with red tissue paper. Place coffee and chocolate inside basket. Add festive Valentines Day ribbon.

2. To make garland, cut hearts out of red construction paper. Place holes in top of the hearts and string ribbon through the hearts. Tie around basket.

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