April 3, 2015

TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done

You’ve probably heard me say this before, because I say it often, but it’s always important to have time to curl your hair! Just as I say picking simple recipes is important, the same goes for picking simple hairstyles. Luckily with the help of the new TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done collection, you can achieve weightless hold that lasts all day long without looking overly styled. I love that, talk about OMG fantastic!



There is quiz called “What wavy girl are you?”, which I suggest you take. You can find out if you should try Hollywood Waves, Boho Waves, Beachy Waves or better yet try them all!


After taking the quiz, I was the Beachy Waves, which I thought was perfect since I spend a lot of time on the beach, whether it is here in Florida or Nantucket. After washing and conditioning my hair with the Weightless Silicone-Free Shampoo & Conditioner to create the perfect base, I lightly blow dried my hair so it was just damp. I then scrunched in the Wave Creation Sea Foam, to create soft, natural-looking waves. This time, I dried my hair completely, and started to notice the waves form. If you’re hair is really long like mine, sometimes you need the help of hot tools to achieve your look. I took my curling wand and made waves, with very small sections all over my head. Take the Sea Salt Spray and lightly mist your hair to create tousled, textured beach waves. If you live in an area with high humidity like I do you know hairspray is a must, even when creating low-key hairstyles. I used the Ultra-Brushable Hairspray very lightly for an ultra-fine control that would last me throughout the day.





Looking to achieve a fashionable wavy look for less? With the help from TRESemmé and Walmart you can. Be sure to check your Sunday paper on 5/17 to get $2 off any TRESemmé Wash & Care or styling product. These soft styling products are infused with Sea Kelp Extract to create a variety of effortless, undone and wavy hairstyles. Which wavy girl are you? I can’t wait to see what you create!


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