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September 19, 2018

#WeddingWednesday – Meet Paul

It’s been awhile since I chimed in and updated you all on wedding plans! I guess it’s because I’ve been so busy planning it. How about we do “Wedding Wednesday” from here on out. I will fill you all in on what is happening, and probably ask for some advice too! I decided to kick this #WeddingWednesday off with a post about the man himself, Paul.

I met Paul almost FIVE years ago (it really doesn’t seem like that long ago) at a bar in downtown Orlando. So romantic… right!? I was living in the downtown Orlando area during my senior year of college and decided to stay in that area upon graduation. But I ran into a little problem when my landlord decided to sell the condo I was living in last minute. Luckily, I ended up finding a new unit but for about a month I was dealing with the realtor coming in and out for showings. Finally someone bought the unit – and the showings ended (hoooorray)! This was a loft style condo and I was moving into a two bedroom unit a couple floors up, so I had a lot of random things that wouldn’t fit in my new unit. I ended up selling the furniture to the new owner, named Travis, and since I didn’t know anyone in this building we ended up becoming friends. The next day a group of us went out downtown and that is where I stumbled into my future husband.

It was at this bar called Vanity, and I remember the place being really dark and crowded. I didn’t have heels on that night (so I was smaller than normal), and I remember looking up at this really tall, handsome guy. It turned out Travis knew him and introduced the two of us. Paul and I ended up exchanging numbers and hung out again a few days later. We didn’t really have much of a “just friends” stage, and became boyfriend and girlfriend pretty quick. We have definitely had some bumps in the road, and even a few break-ups along the way, but we always came back to each other.

One thing many of you probably don’t know about me is that I’m very quiet. Paul is totally opposite, and I’ve gotten a bit more outgoing over the years, but I’ll probably always be quiet. Luckily, opposites attract. One of my favorite parts about Paul is that he always wants to have a good time and that he is so much fun. Anyone who knows him knows this, and he is definitely the life of the party. He definitely breaks me out of my shell!

I could go on forever and this is such a small post, but I wanted to share a little peek inside my world. I’m always posting about recipes, party ideas etc. and not much about myself. I cannot wait to continue sharing more and taking you all on the journey.

  1. Callie Lindsey

    September 20th, 2018 at 12:32 am

    Love this!!!

  2. Molly Shapiro

    September 28th, 2018 at 11:04 pm

    Aww thank you!

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