March 16, 2015

Shamrock Lolipops

I always love a universal treat that everyone can enjoy, from children to adults. Shamrock Lollipops are the perfect treat for St. Patrick’s Day, and may I add, will satisfy your family’s sweet tooth! To make your own at home, use a shamrock shaped lollipop mold, pour melted chocolate, add a lollipop stick and cover the back in green sprinkles. Once chocolate has hardened add a ribbon to make them even more festive! If you’re feeling even more creative, simply add the lollipops to a small bucket and add some green decorative crinkle paper.





Shamrock candy mold
Lollipop sticks
Large bag of Ghirardelli white melting wafers
Optional green sprinkles, green ribbon
Melt 1 cup wafers in microwave safe bowl, for 2 minutes on 50%. While melting, put sticks in candy mold slots.
2. Pour chocolate to fill molds, and tap gently on counter to get rid of bubbles. It should appear smooth on top. Add sprinkles to back of mold if desired. Let stand to harden or pop in freezer for a couple minutes.   When chocolate is hard turn over mold and candy will pop out. Add ribbon to stick.

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