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October 16, 2013

Indian Corn Candle

So I admit it, I am a bit of a candle junkie. I can’t seem to buy enough candles, especially this time of year, when all of the Fall scents are out. Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin Spice, Autumn Leaves… they are all great. An easy way to dress up a Fall candle is to glue Indian corn around the outside, and then finish it off with a twine bow. This is a great addition to your fall décor, and everyone will be asking where you bought this beautiful candle. If you’re looking for a great homemade hostess gift, this is a wonderful gift to bring to your next party!

18 small ears of Indian corn
Hot glue gun
Large round candle (4” to 5” in diameter)
  1. Glue Indian corn around candle so the outside of the candle is no longer showing
  2. Wrap twine around candle three times and then tie in a bow.
  3. Light candle, and enjoy your new fall decoration. 

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