October 12, 2015

Haunted Hooting Owl Pretzels

Owls don’t always come out at night. Who dares to eat these Haunted Hooting Owl pretzels? Though they look especially spooky, these chocolate-dipped pretzels are a hoot to make. Children will have a blast decorating these adorable owl pretzels. And after they’ve decorated them, they will have just as much fun eating them! Halloween is going to be a real hoot when you bring these easy treats to the party!

These are a simple project the kids can help put together. Simply dip large pretzels in melted confectioner’s coating and place on wax paper. As the coating sets, start to decorate the owls. I know kids can be picky, so substitute whatever candy you like for this project. These little guys may be one of my favorite Halloween treats I’ve made this year. Serve on a tray or wrap in small cellophane baggies like I did and give as gifts. Your friends and family will think these are a hoot!











Large pretzels

White confectioners coating

Black decorating sugar

Candy corn

Sandwich cookies

Candy eyeballs

Black licorice

Black decorating gel



  1. Dip large pretzels in melted confectioner’s coating. Place the pretzels on waxed paper.
  2. As the coating sets, sprinkle with coarse black decorating sugar. Press a candy corn onto the twist of each pretzel for the nose, and small pieces of licorice candy onto the base of the pretzels for the talons.
  3. Separate a sandwich cookie and press the halves onto the pretzel for eyes. Then add candy eyeballs on top of cookies.
  4. Use black licorice twists as eyebrows.
  5. Make claws with black decorating gel.


*Recipe from BHG.com

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