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May 6, 2014

Ham and Swiss Cheese Quiche

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and I hope everyone has started planning their Mother’s Day brunch! This Sunday, woo your mother by cooking up some classic brunch recipes that are simple, yet satisfying.

Quiche is a comforting brunch classic and is fairly easy to throw together. Filled with pieces of ham, fresh Swiss cheese, and vegetables, this savory tart is held together by the fluffiness of eggs. A flakey pie crust makes up the outside shell of this dish and gives it an extra kick of buttery and savory flavor. A spring salad along with fresh fruit make fabulous sides for this main dish, and I know your mother will be absolutely thrilled after the first bite!

7 ounces shredded Swiss cheese
7 ounces diced cooked ham
1 pie crust (use favorite recipe, or a frozen pie shell)
1 cup heavy cream
1/2 cup milk
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon dry mustard
dash cayenne pepper if desired


  1. Place pie shell into pie dish. Sprinkle cheese and ham over bottom of pie shell.
  2. In mixing bowl, mix remaining ingredients until well combined and pour over cheese and ham mixture in pie shell.
  3. Bake in a 375 degree oven for 45 minutes, or until done.
  4. Insert a knife into the center, and if it comes out clean your quiche is done.

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