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April 19, 2014

Glittered Easter Eggs

Hand painted Easter eggs are essential to any Easter celebration. Below is the tutorial, on how to create these sparkled eggs, and make your table a little more glam.


12 Eggs
Egg blower or rubber ear syringe
Craft glue
Paint brush
Wax paper
Bowls and spoons
  1. Blow out eggs. Over a bowl, pierce one end of a raw egg with a pin. Pierce other end, and use pin to enlarge hole slightly and break yolk. With your mouth or an egg blower, blow into smaller hole, forcing contents of egg through larger hole into bowl. Rinse inside of egg thoroughly; let dry.
  2. Brush craft glue onto egg. Gently set in bowl of glitter. Spoon glitter over egg, covering entire surface. Remove from bowl; set on wax paper to dry for 1 hour.

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