August 27, 2019

Dogs at Weddings – How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Chances are if you have a pet dog, they are a huge part of your life, so why not let your pooch play a paw-t in your big day? There are so many creative and different ways to include your furry friend in your wedding. Whether you make them a member of the bridal party, or include them in your stationary decor, or favors — let your sweet pup be apart of your big day. Below are some creative ideas for incorporating your pup into your wedding.

Save the Date

Send out a dog-themed save-the-date. We can’t think of a more adorable way to announce your big day!

Photo by The Lees Photography

Get Ready Together

Will you and your bridesmaids get ready together? Let your little guy or girl tag along. If possible, find them a matching outfit.

Photo by Callie Lindsey Photography

Dress Them Up

Dogs in weddings should look just as dapper as the rest of the wedding party. Think bow-ties and tuxedos for boys, floral collars and tutus for girls.

Photo by Gina Paulson Photography

Include Your Furbaby In Bridal Party Pictures

Snap a few shots holding him or her.

Photo by Callie Lindsey Photography

Have a Furry Flower Girl or Ring Bearer

Let the ring bearer or flower girl walk your pup down the aisle.

Photo by Dennis Kwan Photography

Carry Them With You

Sometimes it’s just not feasible for dogs to attend weddings. In those cases, extreme dog-lovers could always carry a printed photo of their pup throughout the big day.

 Photo of Christie Pham Photography

Serve Dog-Themed Drinks

Signature drinks named after your pups is a clever way to include them in the reception without worrying about wrangling them throughout the night. Display a cute chalkboard sign (like this one by PaperTangent) with the offerings. You could even order doggie drink stirrers or canine cocktail napkins.

Photo by PaperTangent

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