December 3, 2014

DIY Holiday Wreath

Go for the gold, with this easy-to-make wreath, made with pinecones, sprigs of white berries, gold leaves, burlap poinsettias and a matching gold threaded burlap bow. Purchase a ready-made evergreen wreath at your local craft store and attach the add-ons with hot glue or wire. I chose a white and gold pallet, but of course chose add-ons that will match the rest of your holiday décor. Hang this rustic yet beautiful wreath on your front door or inside your home like I did. This wreath will last throughout the season, and bring you holiday cheer all winter long.

photo-2 photo-1


22 inch-diameter wreath

Large holly branches

Burlap poinsettias

Gold leaves


2 yards burlap ribbon

Hot glue


1. Trim holly branches with a craft wire cutter to separate the berry sprigs.

2. Starting at the bottom center off the wreath, insert holly around the wreath leaving even space around. Once completed add burlap poinsettias, gold leaves and then pinecones to fill in any blank spaces.

3. Attach bow to top of wreath using hot glue. Trim bow tails to desire length.

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