July 1, 2014

All-American Hand Pies

There is no dessert that’s more all American than pie, and since the 4th of July is this weekend it is almost necessary that some type of pie is served at our poolside BBQs and beachfront rendezvous. While visually stunning and delicious, this traditional dessert does have one down side: it’s messy! Between the serving utensils, plates, gooey filling and flaky crust, there can be a lot of crumbs, berry stains, and a mountain of dishes to clean. These All-American Hand Pies are a more practical option to serve this weekend because all of the berry filling is contained in the pie crust, and no utensils are required! Impress your guests (or fellow partygoers) with these pies, which can be picked up and eaten with your hands. For these pint sized pies, a traditional pie crust is cut into two circles of the same size, one is filled with the delicious pie filling of your choice, and the other crust is laid and pressed on top to create a ‘sandwich’ for the filling.

I first had these delicious hand pies about 10 years ago when my cousins and I went strawberry picking and picked pints and pints of berries. When I say pints and pints, I mean an entire trunk full! We took these bright red berries back to my grandparents’ farm and sat at the end of the driveway selling them out of the car by the pint. Although we probably made about $20 each, it is one of those memories I’ll never forget. We didn’t sell all of the berries, so we took them back up to Grandma’s kitchen where we were debating what to do with them. My grandma is the best pie maker around, and had the idea for these hand pies. Great for kids and adults, these All-American Hand Pies are a patriotic treat that deserve a spot at your 4th of July picnic.

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2 pints of strawberries
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1 1/2 tablespoon corn starch
1 teaspoon lemon juice
Red sugar sprinkles
Small star cookie cutter
Pie crust (Use your favorite recipe or one package of pre-made pie crust)

1. Cook first 5 ingredients on medium heat in saucepan on stove. Cook until
2. Roll out pie crust and cut into three inch circles. Use one circle of dough for bottom.
Spoon one tablespoon filling in center of dough. Cut another circle and cut
center out with small star cookie cutter. Cover filling with second round and
pinch edges together. Add small star on top.
3. In small bowl, crack an egg and scramble. Take egg wash, and brush pie lightly. Sprinkle with
coarse grain sugar. Bake 10-13 minutes at 425 degrees.

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